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New laws in most states make it illegal to drive and text message. What if you had an "Eyes-Free" texting capability. You are driving down the road and your phone tells you:

"Message from Heather, I am running late, can you stop at day care and pick up the kids?".

Now without looking at the phone, you can reply with your voice and say:

"Yes dear".
It is as simple as speaking and using your hands to type a few key strokes.

The V-Text Application is a one of a kind. Instead of putting band aids around the applications, it is a full fledged version of the Messaging application that allows you to Voice Text without using your eyes. Simply shake the phone and start speaking. If the message is correct, use the Gestures and stroke an S on the screen. You message will be sent.

You can also select the person you want to send Text messages to by speaking their name.

  • Voice Texting - Speak a phrase and the Google Voice Recognition will translate the message into typed text.
  • V-Text Gestures - A unique systems from stroking Gestures on the screen to edit and send the messages. See the Video
  • Voice Contacts - Select contacts from your list by name (Note, only selects Mobile phone numbers)
  • Plays Messages As The Are Received
  • Play Any Message In List With The Touch of The Finger
  • Full Messaging Application Features
  • Facebook Status
  • Six Different Theme Colors
  • Select the Font Size for Messages
  • Select Different Colors for Send and Receive Balloons

See A Video on How to Use Gestures

New features coming soon.....For support issues, email:

Main View - Default Theme

Main View - Dark Blue Theme

Messages View - Default Theme

Messages View - Black Theme

Edit Voice Text

Contact Picker

Bugs Found (Fixed in Version 1.1 - Releases Soon):

  • The Photos from Facebook Do Not Show Up.
  • Wallpaper Mode Not Working Well
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